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Fitness walking gets the body outdoors, relaxes the mind, restores the soul, strengthens bones and works the heart aerobically.

Be sure to check with your physician prior to starting any exercise program.

Advantages of walking include:

  • Proper shoes are the only equipment needed. Walking can be incorporated into ordinary routines.
  • There’s less stress to joints than jogging, with many of the same benefits.
  • Injuries from walking are rare.
  • A dog can be the ideal walking partner.
  • Scenery can be enjoyed.
  • Walking is less exhausting than running, especially in hot or cold weather.
  • Walking at an optimum pace can raise the heart rate to your target zone for ideal cardiovascular conditioning.

Walking is a healthy way to handle stress. When the stresses in your work or family life can’t be ‘walked out,’ contact: Employee Assistance Program at 757-398-2374 or 1-800-EAP-3257.