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Psychologists say that keeping a journal can help in coping with tragedy, solving love and relationship problems, making tough decisions and increasing creativity.

It can also provide a safe place to deal with and vent anger.

Often, there is so much going on in our lives that we are unable to concentrate on important tasks. We may also have difficulty sleeping due to racing thoughts.

Journaling can help by getting these thoughts out of our heads and onto paper.

Some ways journaling can help are through:

  • Catharsis: By releasing troubling thoughts or emotions
  • Reflection: By helping us decide what we thing about a situation or how to apply an idea in our life
  • Remembering: By recording and reflecting upon things that happen day to day
  • Personal Growth: By learning more about ourselves

For more information on the benefits of journaling, contact Employee Assistance Program at 757-398-2374 or 1-800-EAP-3257.