Healthy Aging

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People age 65+ are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population. Everyone experiences change as they grow older, and the experience can be a good one.

Are you one of those who will age well and be happy in later years? Check your attitude about aging. Is it positive – or not? Our attitudes about aging directly determine how happy we will be.

Some of the more obvious changes we can anticipate with aging are:

  • Men become more comfortable with their emotions and express them more freely, while women become more assertive with what they want in life.
  • Many older people find retirement more enjoyable when they remain active mentally and physically. Some people find a second or third career to be very stimulating.
  • Research shows that people who are the happiest in retirement continue to eat well and stay active by exercising, working and playing.
  • Proper nutrition remains an important factor for a healthy life. Although our metabolism slows down and we need fewer calories, it is important to maintain a healthy balanced diet.
  • Napping may become more frequent. People may adopt the same napping patterns they had as children. This is normal and usually results in more energy.
  • As we reach older adulthood, we may find that less medication can be just as effective as a higher dosage in earlier years. But as is always the case, it is important to talk to your doctor about your medicines.
  • Advanced planning of finances, housing, medical care, and leisure activities are important decisions to make now, in order to be happier later.