Substance Abuse – Highlighted Story

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I knew my husband drank too much when we were dating but he promised to quit because he loved me. I remember feeling very special that he would quit drinking for me. Our marriage eventually became a cycle of my crying and begging him to stop drinking and his promising to stop. Lying and covering up were a way of life in our home.

The day came when I left for an out of state vacation at my parents. I told my husband that I would not come back unless he stopped drinking. We had a little daughter by then and I knew that it was affecting her life also.

While I was gone, my husband called EAP and went into a treatment center. As grateful as I should have been, I was angry that he would make a decision to get help without talking it over with me. Fortunately, the treatment center had a family program and I learned about the disease of addiction and the effects on the family. I started going to Al-Anon meetings and got a sponsor. My life started to change and my self-esteem gradually returned. I sought out help with his EAP and started working on me. Changes started happening in our family and I was very grateful.

We developed many friends in recovery. I walk almost daily with a neighbor that I met at a meeting. It gets me through the hard times and the worry that he will relapse. I do realize that I don’t have power over my husband and that I can only control what I choose to do. What a relief that is. I would like to give you hope that your life can be better, too.