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Being in a co-dependent relationship means becoming so involved with the other person’s drug or alcohol problem that your own needs are ignored. Your world revolves around their addiction. Here are some questions to help determine if you are in this type of relationship.

Do you:

  • Cover up for someone else, making excuses for their behavior?
  • Ignore your own needs and desires?
  • Spend most of your time thinking about the other person’s problem?
  • Have a history of being a chemically dependent family?
  • Do more than your fair share to maintain the relationship?
  • Make threats to leave and then don’t follow through?
  • Ignore or rationalize your feelings?

The more ‘yes’ answers given indicate a higher likelihood that you are in a co-dependent relationship. April is Alcohol Awareness Month; if you think you have a problem with alcohol or drugs or are in a relationship with someone who does.

Contact: Employee Assistance Program 757-398-2374 or 1-800-EAP-3257.