Substance Abuse

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Our team members have worked with many men and women, their families and work groups, to identify and solve problems created by addiction and substance abuse.

As a result of our extensive work in addiction care, EAP is acutely aware of the damage addiction can cause to individuals, their loved ones and anyone who cares about them. Addiction affects everyone in the addict’s life. Recovery is a process that is rarely done in isolation.

Denial does not allow the addict – or co-dependents – to see the consequences of addiction.

Learning more about this disease and its impacts can be the first step in getting help to a better life for everyone involved.

  • Usually, the last place addiction is identified is in the workplace
  • Denial is a part of the disease that does not allow the individuals involved to see the reality of the consequences related to addiction
  • It is particularly difficult to accept addiction to prescription medication
  • Process addictions – anything beyond drugs and alcohol that becomes addictive – may also create problems in the lives of many
  • The sooner help is sought, the greater the likelihood of a successful outcome

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