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Take care of your mental health. Employee Assistance Program works daily to improve the lives of individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, low self esteem, loss and grief and other life issues. We know firsthand how important it is for each of us to be aware of our mental health.

Addressing mental health issues can improve the quality of life many times over. It is a sign of strength to ask for help.


Some people might fear asking for help because of privacy concerns.

HIPAA, the legal guidelines that protect your personal health information, are stronger than ever, making sure that your personal health is a matter between you and your care providers. Violations of this code can result in serious penalties, even prison, for those who mishandle your information.

Confidentiality of all EAP clients is strictly guarded. This privacy is only broken in cases mandated under state and federal guidelines.

Examples of reasons to breach confidentiality are:

  • in cases where an employee/family member is suicidal
  • when someone is homicidal, and could harm or intends to harm others
  • when a person can no longer care for themselves
  • when a person is a danger in the workplace
  • a court order or other legal direction

Employee/family members have a right to sign releases of information in order to provide feedback to other individuals involved in their care or in order to keep supervisors informed of progress in the program in the cases of formal referrals. Call us at 757-398-2374 for further information regarding your rights to confidentiality.

Mental Health Resources

Feeling sad, having a hard time getting out of bed, feeling hopeless, or anxious? Learn about mental health issues and seek help if needed.