Establishing Limits for Your Children: Easy Tips

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Children are of our most precious resources, so we must cherish them; but how do we cherish them while also cherishing ourselves?

It is becoming more and more difficult for parents to give their children what they want without spoiling them. Some parents cannot bear seeing their children sad or disappointed in any way so they simply give them anything and everything they want.

MAKE SURE ‘NO’ MEANS NO. If your ‘no’ sounds more like ‘maybe’ your child will pick up on your ambivalence and often begin to plead, whine or even tantrum. Act secure about saying no when you have to. Consistency is key.

RECOGNIZE MANIPULATION AND DO NOT GIVE INTO IT. If your child knows a tantrum will get what is wanted, the tantrums will happen more frequently.

BE A PARENT, NOT A FRIEND. Be clear about what your role is with your child. Children feel more comfortable when boundaries are clear.

TEACH YOUR CHILD THAT SOMETIMES OTHERS COME FIRST. It is important to establish that your needs are important too. “Me” time is vital to being a good parent.