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Smart phones, portable media and ubiquitous wireless connections have increased an information flow and created numerous avenues for social connections. Unfortunately, it’s also blurred the lines between work life and home life. Today, much of America’s workforce is continually connected and with little to no down time, productivity may have increased but so have a number of stress factors. Workplace problems invade family time and rough patches at home can quickly translate into out-of-proportion problems at work.

For for over 30 years, the EAP program at Bon Secours Hampton Roads has provided employer sponsored service that helps employees gain the skills they need to manage both the problems in their lives, and the subsequent, potentially unhealthy coping skills they may have adopted. Substance abuse, relationship problems, ongoing illness, grief and loss, poor time management and financial issues are just a few examples of the problems that affect workers and workplaces.

EAP’s qualified, specially trained counselors and therapists are ready to step in and help provide calm and focus through tough situations. There is no judgment here, just help.

EAP staff:

  • Prepare and deliver workplace seminars, training and programs
  • Provide short term counseling
  • Identify serious problems and help people navigate the services
  • Connect workers and their families to wellness and prevention

EAP provides workplace services to businesses in Hampton Roads. Each year, thousands of employees use the EAP benefit to learn how to change their lives for the better.